Cheryl Walters Anusara Yoga Prescott Arizona

Prescott's newest yoga studio. Located at 777 Hillside Avenue, Prescott, Arizona

As a Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer in Prescott for over a decade it has been my vision and mission to create a space for yoga and our community. The vision has finally manifested into an actual, physical yoga studio at 777 Hillside. The studio's intention is to create a warm, safe and loving environment for all of our yoga needs. This is a shared vision with local teacher and leader Rachel Peters of Prescott Yoga along with other highly trained and skilled teachers in Prescott. Cheryl and Rachel have been studying and teaching in collaboration in Prescott for a number of years, but this studio takes their inspiration and creative energy to another level of yoga class offerings in Prescott. Not only are these two merging into a vision of community and yoga together, they are once again teaching all their public classes under the same roof. Both Cheryl and Rachel will be offering together ongoing mentoring workshops and teacher training programs. With teaching styles that inspire students on and off the mat, this new addition to the yoga scene in Prescott will add to the already amazing offerings in Prescott by integrating alignment, philosophy and an uplifting approach to the practice.

The studio's new website can be found at Thank you for the years of devotion to the power of Grace and the love of yoga. Looking forward to our continued journey together in the many years to come.
Much Love, Cheryl

Yoga Teacher Prescott Arizona
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Cheryl Walters Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor

Cheryl Walters is a Certified Anusara Yoga teachers with over 2000 hours of training and has directed Yoga Teacher Training Programs locally for four years. Cheryl's life has been deeply enriched by the many gifts of yoga. As a result she has been teaching and sharing these gifts in the Prescott, Arizona area since 2001. She has been in the field of integrated therapies and holistic healing arts for over 25 years.  Cheryl’s life was transformed when she discovered Anusara Yoga, falling in love with the unique blend of Universal Principles of Alignment and the philosophy of Intrinsic Goodness. Cheryl has a remarkable gift for inspiring her students to embody the practice of yoga, not just on their mats but in their lives - to truly live their yoga. Cheryl shines with her joy for life and love of people, and is passionate about the transformation that exists within the practice of yoga. Her classes enliven the body, mind and heart; celebrating beauty in all its diversity.

Cheryl's new and expanded class schedule for 2012

Cheryl's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program for 2013

Cheryl's 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program for 2013

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Yoga Teacher Prescott Arizona
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Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor
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